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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Washing The Day Away

Wouldn’t you like to save?
The smile on your face
Put it on another day
Most times are hard and hollow
While pounding at the stone
Might find serenity tomorrow
Still in peace you’ll stand alone
So what does it take?
To make the day
Softer on the heart
You wouldn’t stand on ice
As the ice fell apart
So why do you chase the worries
If they’re already out of your hand
Just trust the ground below you
Take comfort under the sky
And wash the day away

Lost In The Rain

Hot as the sun
You can make me
Come all undone
Want you to show me
The winds of the planes
I can feel you
How your thoughts are portrayed
The trees can taste you
Your soft veins
We are all lost in the rain
See all you want
Something's still missing
What have we done?
I want to see
The dove and the raven become one
Blessed the dead
Damning the living
Standing at the gate
Streams are forgiving
Tasting the nectar of Roman goods
Sack clothe and twinning
Rough leather shelter feet
Crisp morn and sweet dew
An evening a luxury
Faint cause for yearning
Spilling of blood
Streams pass beneath my feet
Trolls feast the crimson mud
No shadows or windows
Old ghosts pass
As do the sands of an hour glass
Still lost in the rain
I can feel you all around me
How your love is inspired
We can all see you
What your heart desires
We're all lost in the rain
I can feel you all around me
Like the drapes of the night
Look into you
Scrap the depths of your being
See you lost in the rain

Beast Of War

Stand down in the face of Battle
Tremble to those that call themselves Wolves
Kneel to those that claim to hold power
A beast is fearsome and cunning
The smell of Cowardliness
An urge to devour
Cautiously awaiting the time
Knowing the true battle
Predator and Archimagus
Smiting the herds and shepards
Feasting on the lame
Free in its will and thoughts
Denying not its will to be
It Awakens
Faced with discordance
It Awakens
Falter Not instead Quiver
It's Awakened

Uncomfortable Silence

Through natural disaster
I was there
Through your troubles
I was there
When she ripped your heart out
I was there
I'd give you my life
You don't care
I tried explaining my side of things
You don't care
Why can't we get passed this....... cause
You don't care
Your not going to fix this
You've made it clear
Your moving on with life
You've made it clear
Fuck me and my house
You've made it clear
No longer will I respect you
I won't be here
When you fall and you will
I won't be here
When she leaves you again and she will
I won't be here
So fuck you for your lack of brotherhood
This Silence you'll bare
I hope you get what you've given
This Silence you'll bare
I've lived in your Silence now...
This Silence you'll bare

Calter's Clash

As I open my eyes all has altered
The sky is black and hangs low
A sinner has died at the alter… Never forgiven
Demons in legions raid near and far
The poor who’ve been looted have nothing to show
A man named Mezillian Calter kills in sevens
As I hold my aspirations in my arms
 she has turned purple
Frozen while still screaming
I hear chaos in the streets
Men hide in fear, silently whimpering
Help me, help me!
Then suddenly a loud roar
And then?

I find pain in the corner and under the table
I watch the smoke rise as the inferno scorches the stable
The beggars and thieves wait for the last cinder,
Watching in shiftily eyes, eager to plunder
The night cold and frosting with specters of screams,
Just a few hours before, a man soaked whore was violated and beaten,
Raped and left be eaten, in a forest near by the fire,
She gasps for breath, half frozen to death on this chilling and haunting October morning
He lurks in the darkness depth, drinks of impurity and malice
His smirk fastens, as he crumbles the bones in the neck of battered mid-west bride
The smell of timber and roasting flesh tantalizing, his desire for mayhem
And the thirst for the most unholy souls, a scurry, a snap, a rustle out back
The eerie sensation that someone is watching
Unsettling your slumber

Evil creeps in untold places
With shifting faces
Most mayhem spreads for the practitioner’s gain
But one spills blood just to see the splatter’s stain
Entranced with a grin, sharpening his blade
Hungry again before the last screams fade
“Crows flock in seven” he chuckles out
Headlines and clippings posted to the wall
Across his mantel a collection of bones
Aging back to centuries of old
Mezillian of mayhem, Calter of chaos
Born half jackal and half cobra
All doom, all demon, hell’s champion
His favorite flavor is panic
He savors the smell of fear
A spine chilling sound as he chafes the flesh from the bone
Whittling the bone to pleasing form
Taunted with visions of the end of the world
He prepares to greet his king

So tonight you’ll feast
With a dying god
His rays of light
Blacken the crowd
Flesh burning smoke
Stains the crimson heavens
The angels of fire
Set down tonight
His gestures so wicked and becoming
His children spread blood thirsty mayhem
His brow rises, as the river distills
His smirk fastens, as the fishes carcasses wash to the shore
Shallow graves find wicked men
Hell swallows them up, and bores them again
They reek of hell and the stench is ripe
A devil’s man, a demon’s knight
What man finds pleasure in eternal pain?
A twisted man with morbid thoughts
His thirst is greed, his hunger blood
Your pleads for mercy, his choice of drug
Your pains his pudding, your tears his wine
Your desperation a dry martini with a twist of lime
Your souls the main course in his wicked feast
His keeps the company of all who love the beast


Endless searching
And I feel the forces
Pointless preaching
To persuade our courses
On the bridge of a natural high
No one tasting ever asks why
Tried to kiss our sweet Mother Mary
I’m bleeding to death your too stoned
To carry me home


Guess I never lived
I never cried
I knew deep down
That I must’ve died
Cause it didn’t change
Always the same
I still bleed
The walking dead
Wrap me in angel’s wings
Take away these things
Only an angel’s love
Could make your God love me again
Through darkness she pushes
Her candle lit face
And I fell in love
What else could I do?
I was in awe
Of the beauty I saw
With a soft subtle smile
She drew me in
She wrapped me in angel’s wings
Washed away those things
Cut away the strings
To all the new day brings